Hattrick assistant manager

Instead of reinventing the wheel, we are happy to corporate with Hattrick-YouthClub. We are looking forward to get some more professional graphics soon. By the way, the language is autodetected using your browser preferences.

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By the way, the language is autodetected using your browser preferences.

Hattrick Assistant Manager

Aug 22 Pricing changed Dear all, for some months Hatcoach is available for everyone. Very likely we will be in Herne on the german hattrick manager summer festival Feb 08 On a new server! Tomattrick is an online manager assistant for the online football manager Hattrick.

Hatcoach is an online Manager Assistant for Hattrick. So now it has been added.

Jun 29 Rating Prediction available The Lineup helper now also shows a rating prediction. It's not assistanr a startsite where you see the most important numbers and tables for your team, it keeps track of your history, giving you feedback on how you're doing this week compared to the last. Hatcoach is now available on Facebook!!


Just register at Kicktipp and place your bets. It's made by Thorge-Schossen, manager of Traktor Nille!

Even though not announced in Hatcoach Global, there are already more than users who logged in at Hatcoach. Many thanks for your support!! See Wiki for details. Create your own formulas for the player rating.

Analyze played games to improve your lineup. Jun 27 Romanian Translation After some months of no new languages, Hatcoach is now available also in romanian language. Import your youth players with our comfortable import function through Hattrick source text.

Multiple common formulas like Loddar Stats, HatStats and Squad will let you find out about your team performance. See for yourself and register now for our "light" version with no time limit for free or become a member and benefit from all the functionality Tomattrick has to offer.

Check the wiki for more details.

Additionally, use the well-known Tomattrick lineup interface for your youth players as well. Another language is now available: Instead of reinventing the wheel, we are happy to corporate with Hattrick-YouthClub. You could manage your team squadfollow your favoritescheck the details of your leagueanalyze your last matches and next opponents and much more It's translated by Izozimo from Rivercastle FC. Use an intuitive lineup.

The easy way to get control over your youth academy Drag and Drop the player to the position, see the value on the position while dragging over the fields, switch players easily, use the lineup assistant, save your lineups and more.

Drag and Drop the player to the details field, get informed about his skills, get deep weekly statistics, how the marketvalue develops, what is the average rating in games, compare two players on the same page Was your opponent really better or just lucky?

HAM - Hattrick Assistant Manager | AcronymAttic

Most Youth coaches already know this website, and now the data could be downloaded from there into your Hatcoach. Oct 29 Bonjour Hatcoach!

Nov 26 Integration of Hattrick YouthClub One of the most requested feature was the support of youth academy. Hatcoach hatrtick your online Hattrick Manager Assistant. Have a closer look at your opponent and compare average values like form, experience, TSI against your own and lineup your team against your opponents.

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