Hell up in harlem 1973

Harris rescuing the wounded Tommy and hiding the ledgers that played such an important part in the plot of the first film. Escaping via a wild taxi ride, Tommy is back in business and out for revenge. Gibbs falls in love with Sister Jennifer Margaret Avery , a woman who works with Reverend Rufus, a former pimp who has found a religious calling. More Top Movies Trailers Forums.

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Helen spent most of the second and third acts of Black Caesar hating Tommy and the violence he committed harle was the cause of. If it were possible to take this movie seriously as a continuation of Black Caesarthe second film would make an absolute mockery of the first.

Greed perhaps, or lack of faith in the material, I don't know.

Cohen does at least provide Tommy a line asking his father not abandon him when he needs him a second time, but his father is awfully quick to help a son who professed to hate him and want him dead. Gibbs defeats hit men sent to take him out in Los Angeles, while Papa dies from a heart attack while fighting Zach. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

Hell Up in Harlem () - IMDb

Hell up in Harlem begins in the middle of the climax from Black Caesar with new footage revealing crooked District Attorney DiAngelo Gerald Gordon as the man who ordered the hit harelm Tommy. Fred Williamson as Tommy Gibbs. I loved Larry Cohen and Fred Williamson's previous collaboration 'Black Caesar', one of the toughest and most enjoyable movies of the early 70s blaxploitation boom.

In Black CaesarTommy almost killed him out of revenge for abandoning him and his mother years before. I agree to an extent with that, as that could have been cool, but Inn much rather like the idea of a direct sequek so long as it maintained the same level of quality.

Picking up in a slightly shortened and retconned form where Black Caesar left off, this direct sequel, while fun, is a but of a letdown. The film was only shot on weekends because both Cohen and lead actor Fred Williamson were working on other films during the barlem. You are commenting using your WordPress.

That’s Blaxploitation! 10: HELL UP IN HARLEM (AIP 1973)

I've noticed that quite a few blaxploitation classics fail to deliver with their sequels I'm especially thinking of 'Foxy Brown', Jack Hill's weak follow up to his sensational 'Coffy'.

I have loads of the soundtracks on LP which I adore. January 20, Rating: The film directly follows on from 'Black Caesar' with Tommy Gibbs Williamson recovering from a near fatal gunshot wound. However, with all gangsters, once you are in the organization, it is not easy to just get out. To an even greater extent than usual, the sequel to Black Caesar was an unabashed product of pure greed, and not even Cohen himself has much to say in its defense. Cassandra Maples Super Reviewer.

Using a group of enforcers who are still loyal to him, Tommy is able to get treatment at a hospital and blackmail DiAngelo into dropping all charges against him and his father. The Haunting of Hill House. At the same time, he seeks to punish Helen for turning on him keep in mind, he beat and raped her by taking her children away and raising them as his own.

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Written and directed by Larry Cohenit is a sequel to the film Black Caesar. Aside from the film's social commentary misfires, there are implausible aspects of each and every scene.

Tony King as Zach. What may be of interest here is that while there is a lot of firepower, there is hadlem a scene where Williamson gets to do martial arts. Julius Harris as Papa Gibbs. Leave a Reply 1937 reply Enter your comment here That's not a bad iddea per se, but the way it is done leaves a lot to be desired.

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This bodes for Tommy as well as he may have the brains of the operation but the firepower is a different story. Hell Up in Hadlem

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