Black theme for windows xp

This theme is cool, it reminds me of a Stylexp theme I once used, but without needing that horrible program installed. I extract it to the folder, and then double-click as instructed. May 24, at

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I have created an automatic installer for this awesome theme which has following features and advantages:. How do I make it a zipped folder? After some dedicated searching, he finally uncovered this mystery Windows XP theme by Microsoft. B,ack best of all you can choose from the blue Royale and the new Zune theme from this Royale Noir theme.

Only Black Theme - Download

Thank you I wrote a subject in a Gregarious blog. Royale Noir for XP?

Download Ashen II [This theme is no longer available for download] 3. Still Using Windows XP?

I installed it on. Free and useful tools at Netsua. As one of the guest above suggested: Windows XP is still one of the most used OS. Ah well, good enough for me!

Download Black Theme for Windows - Best Software & Apps

Surely it cant be this difficult. It looks so much better…yay me!

You can download the theme using following link: November 20, at August 6, at I really love these two styles!! Because this theme is annoying cuse when blacm restart your computer or turn of it gets rid of it so download myn.: It is probably also possible to just save your current theme. Thank you for making it look better.

Download Windows Vista Dark Theme “VistaVG Black” for Windows XP

The theme didnt contain any. This is freaking amazing its not much but it is so cool looking and i found this look to be the only real advantage of vista… I also feel better that apparently Microsoft authorized it.

I get too much of that to care anymore. Damn you Microsoft, steal me ideas lol. Themw 16, at 3: March 2, at I have created an automatic installer for this awesome theme which has following features and advantages: This Visual Style comes in 3 variations: It says on this windowa that Royale Noir has been updated and released http: Hey thx it works great but i cant get it permanent in the theme list in properties The theme is awesome anywayz.

Now after install, the theme list comes up with Royale Noir already selected, just hit Ok. I actually designed a skin quite similar to this for a program we are working on, without know about this skin. Temas de escritorio gratis para windows Los mejores recursos y aplicaciones gratis para trabajar desde casa. If you select the style to Noir or Royale, then save the theme, you cannot select it later, and if you do so, the menu element would have freaky borders.

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