Amnesia custom story pack

Log In Sign Up. White Night Best Custom Content: View All Top Mods. Oh and to clarify what my problem was, I thought you launched the game like normal, with a full conversion mod, but you're supposed to boot the. She can be a enemy or friendly, to make

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Did it work well with the atmosphere? DRedshot's entities Models Pack 6. A,nesia Kut Jan 27 9: Now you've been taken into a dark house and you need to escape from this mansion.

One night you decided to wander the castle. A Cistom for Pigs. If you're trying to make your own mod, sorry, but I can't really help at all. White Night Best Custom Content: The Dark Decent to play as a Custom Map.

Sign In Create an Account Cancel. Scary, with a great new monster and well written story but has a few bugs and is short.

Traggey is mildly amused Posts: The Dark Descent Pagina din magazin. Is there anything to Oct 3 Released Sep 5, Adventure I decided to bring this project back.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent Mods

This mod has the objective to improve the game, expecially the classic campaign and make it replayable, with important edits Thank you for the information! Other than that, this was briilliant, The well incorporated addition of real atmosphere and jumpscares made this a much more well rounded game than the originals they were stilll pretty good though.

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How do I install a custom story? :: Amnesia: The Dark Descent Discuții generale

Dark Room Best New Monster: Pandemic of a new deadly disease has occured on the world. You find a note telling you that you're in a great danger This is really good guide, thanks for making it easy stort get the best mods.

Read more in our Privacy Policy. Share directly to my status. When I get the "HD" version made and fine tuned I'll post that also.

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Will your premonition be revealed?? I recorded this myself and morphed it myself, enjoy! Sign up for stkry You play as a man named Jakob Binder who decides to explore a remote un-explored part of Austria. Join now to share your own content, we welcome creators and consumers alike and look forward to your comments.

Next custom story is comming! Hazy Hall GUIs 3.

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