Beck depression inventory short form

For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy. It has been utilized in both clinical and research contexts and may often serve as a screening tool in primary care and specialized clinics. Furlanetto a Mauro V. Cox regression revealed that the time to first episode of LBP was significantly shorter for Soldiers that were female, active duty, reported previous injury, and had increased BMI. Descriptive statistics of all scales and correlations with the BDI

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The sample consisted of 52 Iranian volunteer psychiatric outpatients from psychiatric and psychological clinics at one site in Tehran, Iran: Iranian women may be at particular risk for depression after giving birth.

Along with this initiative, the health ministry of Iran is working to reduce stigma associated with mental disorders. Despite its excellent psychometric properties, the short version has received less attention cross-culturally and only a few translated and validated versions are available in Chinese [ 10 ] and Persian [ 11 ].

The results suggest that these items should be evaluated critically for their contribution to the total score of the Beck Depression Inventory short form when assessing depression in chronic pain patients. Bagheri Yazdi, and M. The main objective of this study was to establish if pain perception and diffuse noxious inhibitory control DNIC vary across the menstrual cycle MC. The use of these instruments in populations defined by their physical problems was not addressed during standardization.

(PDF) The short form of the Beck Depression Inventory: Validity issues with chronic pain patients

Major depressive disorder MDD is a significant public health problem in Iran with prevalence rates ranging from 4. Omidi, Barouti, and M. Pain ratings were measured with a visual analogue scale. Content uploaded by John T Chibnall.

The short form of the Beck Depression Inventory: Validity issues with chronic pain patients

Full-time employees living in India, a collectivistic culture, and the United States, an individualistic culture, were recruited online in Study 2. In particular, the measures of suicide ideation, death obsession, general psychological distress, and mental health problems indicated moderate to strong correlations ranging from. Lack of a relationship between IW and any outcomes may have been due to a small sample size or that acceptance is a one-dimensional construct.

The data from the full-time employees in Study 2 replicated the findings and found that job autonomy had a stronger attenuating effect on the influence of depression in India than it had in the United States.

More than two-thirds A critique, from a normal-psychological standpoint, is made of the concepts and measures current in depression in chronic pain populations. Undoubtedly, the use of brief and psychometrically sound depression instruments will facilitate the detection and treatment of depression.

The invenrory goal of the present study was to evaluate the reliability, validity, and factorial structure of the BDI with Iranian psychiatric outpatients. Strategies focused on the problem are moderate quality of life with an age of recipient.

It shows good reliability and validity in American, Turkish, and Iranian samples [ 17 — 19 ]. The BDI demonstrated good internal consistency and construct validity in this sample of Iranian psychiatric outpatients.

To investigate the validity of the Beck Depression Inventory short form when used to screen for depression imventory chronic pain patients. A military setting was selected for this clinical trial, because LBP is a common cause of soldier disability.

Cronbach alpha from previous studies with Iranian samples ranged from. Considering the mediating effect of perceived control, the two-way interaction of depression and job autonomy in predicting job strain was weakened, Depression.

The Beck Hopelessness Scale BHS [ 20 ] measures key aspects of hopelessness and shotr a item self-report inventory rated on a 5-point Likert scale. The area under the ROC curve was Indexed in Web of Science.

The purposes of this study were to identify baseline variables from demographic, socioeconomic, general health, and psychological domains that were predictive of a occurrence; b time; and c severity for first episode of self-reported LBP. Multivariate logistic regression analysis indicated that gender, active duty status, mental invnetory physical health scores were significant predictors of LBP.

The short form of the Beck Depression Inventory: validity issues with chronic pain patients.

The second aim was to investigate the construct and convergent validity of the BDI and a positive relationship was hypothesized between the BDI and measures of suicidality, hopelessness, death obsession, psychological distress, foorm mental health problems.

These results provide additional data to confirm the multi-factorial nature of LBP and suggest future preventative interventions focus on multi-modal approaches that target modifiable risk factors specific to the population of interest.

Atef Vahid et al.

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