Empire total war the blue and the gray 2.6

Hi I'm looking for multiplayer,can anyone help me? Chosokabe Motochika Jul 4, 4: You can easily avoid it yourself, though. I actually did find a download dont know the patch though prob 3.

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Download American Civil War : The Blue and the Gray 1.8

Link to American Civil War: Loads Us campaign and an goes back to main menu. If not, have you tried selecting the other map? Garden Snake Oct 24, 2: Last edited by AndariusHaliusScipio; February 21, at Cool Guy Caleb Aug 9, 4: AndariusHaliusScipio Starting armies are done in this size, this size also deploy units in the right order, better for ai, and unitmodels are working correct kepis.

Martian Jesus Jun 9, 5: All times are GMT Do you have the Warpath campaign? Genosse May 14, Download and extract tofal.

American Civil War : The Blue and the Gray - Empire: Total War Mods | GameWatcher

Awesome Feb 1, 2: Run the installer and point it to your Empire folder usually C: But do I need to get warpath for this to grayy What do i do? Noob question, got etw yesterday and found this mod this morning. Moogle Jun 16, 8: Whats up with that?

This will likely never get corrected, sorry. Rank of 35, Last Update 2 years ago.

Why it randomly crashes nobody knows. Without Warpath the campaign in 3.

Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. Hey guys I have the mod and a youtube channel that I would love to post multiplayer battles from this mod on just add me on steam and we can get some games organized.

Started here in data. I've had trouble with it working when I downloaded different version.

However, I can't bring myself to play it with Native American chanting going on in both the background of the turn-based map and also in the real time battles. Imperial Destroyer project 4.

Rose Hunter Jun 5, 7: Chosokabe Motochika Jul 4, 4: Lord Theodin May 8, 5: And doesn't look right on what you posted. I civil war reenact so this is a must have.

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