Gmat questions and answers

A a strain of wheat that can be grown in plentiful quantities but loses much of its nutritional value in the process B Arabian horses that are able to run at phenomenal speeds due to centuries of careful breeding designed to enhance those physical attributes C vitamins that were purported to provide all of the necessary nutrients but have since been found not to be very effective D the dachshund, a popular breed of dog that is nonetheless prone to severe back problems, due to weaknesses exacerbated by targeted breeding E the wild rock doves that are most commonly found nesting in the faces of cliffs far from human habitation. A A stroke survivor that is given a detailed exercise plan and consults her physician about the plan will regain full dexterity in her extremities. A Statement 1 allows you to find the value of x, so you can answer the question.

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A new medical test that allows the early detection of a particular disease will prevent the deaths of people all over the world who would otherwise die from the disease.

You'll get a personalized score report highlighting your strengths and areas of improvement. One of the most sought-after varieties was known as the Almond Tumbler, a name presumably derived form the color of the birds combined with the distinctive flight style.

Ducks keep their feathers waterproof by moving oil produced by glands under the skin downward along the feathers.

Choice E is recycled language and does not address consulting with a doctor so eliminate E. These look like the Kaplan paper practice test I took several weeks ago. qkestions

GMAT Practice Questions | The Princeton Review

Choice D ad too strong—the passage isn't really promoting any specific action. Nevertheless, improvement on this question type is possible and many of the techniques that we will cover for Critical Reasoning can also be applied to Reading Comprehension. Try your hand at the GMAT practice questions below.

The participial phrase beginning with moving does not have a noun immediately preceding it to modify. Placement and Salary Qudstions. Copyright - 16 4GMAT. Triangle area and centroid.

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A A stroke survivor that is questoins a detailed exercise plan and consults her physician quesstions the plan will regain full dexterity in her extremities. The case of the Almond Tumbler is most analogous to which of the following?

Choices A and C repeat that error and can be eliminated. The overlap in ownership makes up a smaller percent of those who own automatic transmission vehicles, so there must be more people who own automatic transmission vehicles.

GMAT Practice Questions

The modifiers are correctly placed in order to avoid confusion. The question also indicates that 12 percent of the people who own a manual transmission vehicle also own an automatic transmission vehicle.

Sweatshirts, 8; Baseball caps 4 To solve this question, systematically test out the answer choices. Are they the official paper tests? B As written, this sentence has a misplaced modifier error: Amd, there are people who own a manual transmission vehicle. We noticed you are actually not timing your practice.

Pigeons have become our constant urban companions and, as such, have been transformed from symbols of peace, plenty, and prosperity, to representatives of disease and decay.

Since the question asks what the ratio is "closest to," these numbers are good enough to approximate. Why The Princeton Review? See All School Quuestions. Thus, these people are actually reducing the amount of animal products in their diets. Redeem points For rewards.

6 GMAT PRACTICE EXAMS with Answers : General GMAT Questions and Strategies

E The passage gives a brief description of the pigeon's place in recent human abswers and then goes on to contrast that with modern perspectives of the birds. A then retools its factory to produce a variety of different shapes of cereal B retools its factory to produce a variety of different shapes of cereal C then retooled its factory to produce a variety of different shapes of cereal D then will retool its factory to produce a variety of different shapes of cereal E then produces a variety of different shapes of cereal through retooling its factory.

This is not the case!

First the company hired then it retools.

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