Green day vs.oasis

Why would you even subject yourself to that? Foo Fighters are bigger and quite possibly the biggest, if not the Chilli Peppers maybe. It's literally a perspective thing. Edit- The opinion on who was bigger is quite split but Oasis win the "who was better" argument unanimously.

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I know Nirvana got so much post mortum credit, but honestly they're overrated. My argument was that at their peak Oasis were bigger than Green Day at theirs.

Green Day vs. Oasis

I'm an American, but also an oasis fan. The best British rock band since The Beatles Not to mention Oasis's last "popular" record was in and Green Day's was in But that's just personal experience and obviously not a legitimate source. Also they had a Broadway musical that gave them a bit more popularity. Although I definitely feel that Oasis was the bigger band of the last 20 years, not the biggest, that would have to go to NirvanaGreen Day did have a big comeback in which really affected a new generation.

I'd be extremely surprised if Green Day could match the popularity of Oasis in South American and Asia, which ends up adding a massive amount to the Oasis fan base. No they were huge way before he commited suicide. Submit a new text post.

You could be correct, but if you go by album sales alone, then Green Day takes the cake assuming the statistics are correct. Foo Fighters are bigger and quite possibly the biggest, if not the Chilli Peppers maybe. So by album sales Green Day wins. Oasis bigger than Green Day? grefn

Oasis bigger than Green Day? : oasis

That's a whole new group of people buying your records, plus the old fans were buying them too. Not many people realise that 3m people applied for Knebworth tickets in a nation of 60m. But gren also not forget about how much press Noel and Liam were getting back in the day too. He has a good point. While Green Day wins America. In America, oasis could be considered a one hit wonder. Mind you, this only counts singles.

In fact Green Day might be one of the worst bands of all time in my severely underpaid opinion.

Oasis vs. Green Day | IGN Boards

As for albums, a lot of the sites I checked seems to say Green Vs.oaxis has sold more albums than Oasis worldwide 65 million from Green Day vs from Oasis.

Submit a new link. I don't see any evidence to suggest otherwise. I'm not being sarcastic, I'm honestly open to being wrong. Green Day is one of the 5 things Noel hates.

Green Day was a part of the wonderful Renaissance of modern rock and alternative in the US. Oasis weren't big in America relative to the rest of the world but they were still able to sell out arenas whilst they sold out stadiums elsewhere. For me, green vs.oasia is the reason I love oasis.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I threw out facts, quotes, numbers and so on, but this guy was gren simply saying Green Day were bigger without any evidence really.

So I can see why people would think that. I was having somewhat of a comment war with a guy on a YT video about who was the bigger band. I think Nirvana would be the biggest band in the last 20 years, with Oasis close in second.

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