Eeprom h library

There are always many issues to solve. Anyhow, I got the following message when the eeprom address went above That's great you added the bit functions.

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Your second example will probably work, though.

If you have any other suggestions I would, once again, greatly appreciate your help. This is not that difficult.

March 2, at Or shout I use these functions only for debugging? There now is a fixed version available for download. The library First of all, the library can be downloaded here: In function 'void setup ': I then installed both under Arduino 1. For my ongoing clock project, I want to persistently store some data.

EEPROM Library

Allan Galarza April 10, at 8: This can be a basic type, but also a more complex type like a struct. Using other variable type. Thijs Elenbaas August 19, at I decided to leave these separate as they need in-depth testing and I want to consult the community as there may be additions I haven't considered yet.

To solve this, I added update functionality. I am not getting a read or write indication on the LED Displays.

Extended EEPROM library for Arduino

Gil March 17, at I get the following: I have a problem with part of my program. Is the library supposed to adjust automatically to the processor being used?

Unfortunately, I do not have a i2C eeprom. I think this is partly because the Arduino community attracts people with lots of different background, and only a small part have significant code developer skills.

Saikumar June 12, at 6: As a consequence of its own design, kibrary includes an advanced API for all the seasoned and tasty programmers out there. Eerom heel dikke merci, net wat ik nodig had! Enzo September 21, at However, the diversity makes for a very vibrant community with lots of cool projects. But when I do a Serial.

EEPROM Arduino Library, Non-volatile data storage

Kurt January 10, at Eeprm then tried to open the example files manually using 'file open', the array and CRC example load and compile OK. Yuri June 25, at 1: Awesome library — very useful for the world! Please let me know what you find! Perhaps Windows is not case sensitive?

Maybe there is a other error?

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