Big game hunters starcraft map

I played BGH daily for many years. North vs Space Soldiers. To this day both BGHers. Take a moment to familiarise yourself with BGH, if you haven't already: The sOs Fan Club!

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Please log in or register to reply. BSL5 Ladder Tournament 3. The reason why some maps are not played is imho BN2.

Big Game Hunters - Starcraft Mods | GameWatcher

Global Offensive dreamhackcs StarCraft: Resource gatherings is a lot faster in SC2 than it ever was in legit BW maps. Made in Brazil vs Rogue.

I don't think there are other explanations needed. But ranked, so you can play with people of your level. Even queens had their uses. Feel free to share. National Electronic Sports Open You'd have a pack of corsairs flying around knocking out detection, etc.

Big Game Hunters (Lights)

I simply think it would not be as fun as sc1, hell I even tried some BGH variant in sc2 and guess what, they sucked. Starctaft air on one side, c. I played BGH daily for many years. I played 3v3 zc myself but it's just a more wide open money map After that, around So that's why I wouldn't play a money map in sc2.

After that, European scene stagnated for a while with community projects. Everything except scouts hehe.

To this day both BGHers. Because times are a-changing.

Making of my DragonBall …. Space Soldiers vs Windigo Gaming. You gotta see this! I don't get it, it's a map not a mod, so we need Blizzard to implement BGH as an official unranked game starcratt.

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Second one was a smaller spin-off of the more popular bgh-rulez. Zombie and The Banshees - Par…. Why do you think people don't play BGH? Much shorter timing attacks were the norm. Everyone has played it, most have played it multiple times, stwrcraft a few play it at a very competitive level.

Team Envy vs Luminosity Gaming.

Big Game Hunters (Lights) StarCraft Map | StarCraft | Nibbits

What can I say? Log In Log In Register. Break the middle with seige units, b.

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