Flight simulator 2002 professional edition

Flight load-up times are substantially longer than ever before, and computers barely meeting the minimum MHz processor and 8MB video card requirements will in all likelihood continue to experience slowdowns and delayed rendering. Water features are particularly convincing, moving and reflecting and often forming waves that break against the shoreline. You can now create a flight starting at any airport and set it as the default. Parameters such as aircraft type, time of day, and weather may be adjusted on the fly from within the cockpit, although the latter doesn't always turn out as expected. In fact, the structural scenery in prime centers such as Chicago, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong is so dense, so authentic, and so smartly blended into the landscape that you'll swear you're flying over the real thing.

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It also offers more planes and extras than the standard edition of the simulator.

Show More Show Less. I did run into one anomaly with the rudder, though.

Experienced pros will want to continue the interactive sessions as they make their way from private pilot to instrument-rated veteran through to commercial and airline transport captain. Microsoft has simply blown the top off the civilian flight simulation genre with its latest iteration and, in so doing, proven that dearly departed competitors like Flight Unlimited III never really stood a chance.

Now, a quick tour over the strip reveals more than a dozen finely crafted casinos and such detail as the Luxor skylight, the Mirage volcano, numerous legible billboards, and a Bellagio fountain that 200 gushes water as you approach. I also went out and got an additional MB of RAM for my system and noticed with the graphics turned up I did see an increase in my performance.

You're Good to Go!

Yet any further comparison between the two is not unlike comparing a typical fastball with a Randy Johnson fastball.

Whether you're a nervous tenderfoot or hardened devotee of desktop flying, this is the Flight Simulator you've been waiting for.

Flight Simulator 2002 Review

Once again, Microsoft has built upon the previous version of the game to make everything look and feel even more real than before. Pilots are offered a generous allotment of environmental variables, including cloud elevation and type, precipitation strength and form, and a wonderfully authentic portrayal of professionak weather as provided through Jeppesen flight information services.

With Flight SimulatorMicrosoft has not opted for the easy road. The series has become the default standard for PC flight sims, with many third-party developers creating add-ons and mods that bring new planes and scenarios to the basic structure of editionn versions of the Profewsional game. Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. Somewhere in the cyber space I have read an article that the military flight training confirmed that a student who practice with Flight Simulator can do better in the class.

Fans of quick action will undoubtedly reduce some or all of the realism options to their minimums and skip any groundwork altogether by slewing their plane from the outset to 5, feet.

If you want to have a taste of reality, Flight Simulator is the happiness that you can fly. Instead of taking advantage of a suddenly inactive genre by rehashing old programming, it has delivered the most complete civilian flying experience that the PC world has yet to see.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Professional Edition (PC, ) | eBay

The game plays exactly the same in multiplayer as it does in single player mode except you can see other aircraft and talk to other pilots.

This was the best flight plan the microsolf made and I have tried them all. This allows you to land on or take off from lots of places that were otherwise impossible in previous versions of the game.

Alternately, they can log onto Microsoft's Gaming Zone for airborne antics that can theoretically support up to of their best friends. None of the early and later flight plan could do the same thing, I had this same plan years ago and spent many hours on it.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002

Microsoft Flight Simulator The options also allow you to select which airport to go to, which aircraft you want to choose, simulation speed, ATC options, realism settings, and numerous graphics, sound and control options. I set the realism flight to have plane-crash so that if I cannot control the plane it will be crashed as the real plane. The downtown Redding core is a bit underdeveloped, yet its buildings are faithfully low-level and the surrounding countryside authentically treed.

True enthusiasts or student pilots will probably appreciate this feature most. The Pro Edition includes several other perks that only a true fanatic could love, including the high-end, highly detailed 3D modeling profsesional gMax, through which aspiring world builders can design, construct, and assign dynamic attributes to virtually any Flight Simulator-supported object.

You can now create a flight starting at any airport and set it as the default. Play Now Download the full version.

I found it to be a pleasant addition to the game as it was kind of fun to watch some people show off or do a little myself and play some cat and mouse type games. The options for the game allow you to specify the sensitivity of all the controls and controllers separately, so you should be able to find a setting that suits you. It's not a toy Each aircraft packs distinctive engine, electronic, and mechanical sounds, all of which vary in accordance to the current camera and viewing perspective.

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