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We are letting our website implode because we are in the process of building a new one. I suggest you buy one personally and then expense it if you can. In many cases we will point you back to JCI documentation for details.

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The cable breaks all confrols the time. It says that there is probably a lot of logic in the NCM driving the points in these devices.

We have to live with that. The normal designed operation of the Metasys N2 DDC controllers is that if they lose communication with their supervisory controller NCM, Facilitator, Companion, N30, NAE, Facility Explorer they will continue operating the building utilizing the last available values or default values for all parameters, etc.

Power Quality Pro's Forum: With this work completed we support all variations of the N2 protocol and any N2 device that could be found on a N2 bus. These utilities are available as part of the M-Tools package through authorized Metasys distributors.

Emailing this address johnsson calling in and dictating your case details to the person manning the phone starts the process.

M-Tools Configuration and Commissioning Utilities

Note that you may have to a We didn't feel that we could add any value in this area. Subscribe to this feed. They do have an on-board clock that can be synchronized with the head end and is used as a fallback when the N2 device becomes disconncted from the head end. I might be getting some JCI accounts and would need it. If the supervisory controlle fails, or communications to it via the N2 bus are lost, the individual controllers will continue operating with the best information they that have available.

HVAC PRO Software

Building Science Discussions Pro's Forum: We always advise our integration partners to validate the N2 bus as part of determining the scope of an integration project.

Explore this product FAQs. It is not necessarily a problem with the device at this address.

Each segment may come into a separate Downstream N2 Interface on a N2 Router or each one come into a separate N2 Router Poll rates may need to be adjusted to frequencies more realistic for the capabilities of the N2 bus. You will be driving the N2 bus harder than it has ever been driven before so any weakness will come out.

Control Distributor Thanks for the web site. If there has been a history of devices going off line in the pure Metasys environment it is a sign that something is wrong.

Review as built drawings and johnsln other documentation that is available for the Metasys installation. General Discussion Pro's Forum: Questions Selling Techs Need to Ask. Build a Portfolio of Neighborhoods. There is no JCI number. I can find you a good local JCI distributor if you need one.

Details for many N2 devices are provided now. Make sure that each N2 bus segment is within electrical specifications. Results 1 to 13 of What do I look for if there are legacy N2 Bus Problems? This is a great product But what is the Johnson Controls model number My company can not purchase thru E-Bay ,only thru Johnson Controls or a brand name supply house The supplier must have a bussiness address and phone number We would have to purchase about seven to eight Thank You.

See Road King, You'll probably be inundated with work-arounds by tomorrow. When we designed the S4 Open Appliances we determined that we would stop short of providing these services. I guess the M-tool is software to? These devices utilize their own variation of the N2 protocol referred to as N2B.

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