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To the east, the warm Indian Ocean brings moisture to the land. Savannah The African savannahs support huge numbers of grazers and predators. The co-operative strategies of Damaraland mole-rats , meerkats and sociable weavers are compared. Juvenile birds are shown practising the art of dropping bones from great heights onto rocks. Around the Cape, great white sharks use a unique hunting technique to catch seals.

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Carmine bee-eaters excavate nest chambers in exposed river banks, but African fish eagles and monitor bnc prey on the birds and their eggs. To the east, the warm Indian Ocean brings moisture to the land.

Wild Africa

At a few special places in the forests, large clearings created by elephants attract many animals to socialise, reinforce bonds and feed on the mineral-rich ground. It is paradise for hippos, but savannah animals have had to adapt.

The cold Atlantic waters are rich feeding grounds for Cape fur seals and penguins. The final scenes show the vast flocks of flamingos at the soda lakes of East Africa. Life at the Extreme. Africa has great wetlands too. Their isolation and stable climate have enabled an entire plant kingdom to evolve.

The filmmakers were assisted by a production team of 16 and around scientists and field assistants. Juvenile birds are shown practising the art of dropping bones from great heights onto rocks.

North of the Tropicsthe Red Sea coast receives little rainfall due to the dry heat and intense evaporation. Chimpanzees are filmed using sticks to extract termites and safari ants from hollow logs.

Corals thrive in the clear, warm waters and the reefs here harbour moray eelsredtoothed triggerfish and clownfish. Nara melons make a nutritious meal, and Cape porcupines and hairy-footed gerbils take advantage too.

Buffalos rely on tough grasses to sustain them through the lean times, but as they weaken, lions sense an opportunity. The grasses support grazing animals such as springbokwhich in turn attract predators.

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Earth's Mythical Islands Thailand: The mountains of Africa are isolated, unstable and physically extreme habitats. Every bbbc years, they engage in synchronised courtship dances.

Home Schedule TV Guide. Within the waters of the Red Sea a Hawksbill turtle Eretmochelus imbricate searches for food amongst the vibrant coral reef, rich in bbbc colour and species. Marabou wils pick armyworms from the grass and quelea chicks from their nests. The Rift Mountains of East Africa are active volcanoesbut their lives are short in geological terms. Africa's coast acts as a magnet for animals, provoking suprising encounters. It begins in the Namib by demonstrating some of the unusual strategies that desert insects and spiders have evolved to survive.

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Wild Africa Title card from "Savannah" episode. Earth's Frozen Kingdom Japan: In North AfricaBarbary macaques are filmed foraging in a snow-covered cedar forest in the Atlas Mountains.

Elephants are filmed breaking open fallen omphalocarpum fruits using their trunks, behaviour only recently discovered by scientists. It has survived another long dry season and can now enjoy the revitalizing world the rains create. A pair of adult lammergeiers locks talons and tumbles through the air. Wild Africa typifies the style of blue-chip documentary series on which the Natural History Unit has built its reputation, with its high production values, strong visuals and dedicated musical score.

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As the Rift Mountains have thrust upwards, they become an agent of evolutionary change as small populations of animals are isolated from their lowland relatives. BBC television documentaries Documentary films about nature s British television series British television programme debuts British television programme endings.

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