Diablo 2 druid

Alrighty peoples, If your reading this strategy now, hopefully its on the druid. They instead dwell in great stone towers called 'Druid Colleges' , which are scattered across the land. See most people max Oak Sage for life, or that spirt of werewolf for more damage, but why, maybe against zealots but against elemental, which most duelers are, you have no resistances.

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Here are a few strategies: Bars can't hold a force of nature.

Spirit of BarbsSummon Grizzly. I'm not saying it's the best, but it works for me, I can solo everything on hell and that's all that matters really. This man is sometimes described as Bul-Kathos's close friend, and at other times, he is referred to as his brother.

Now when making a druid you must decide. Don't take advice from someone that owns a druid with less than 50 levels. He can also use his heightened rapport with the animals to change the shape of his own body, drawing on the strengths and abilities of his woodland companions to better serve their cause.

Druid (Diablo II)

Wearbear, Werewolf, or Elemenatlist Is this a word? My dmg with sword: In terms of play, they are a fairly balanced character, capable of handling themselves as spellcasters, with relative proficiency in fire and cold diab,o, and in melee combat especially with Shapeshifting skills, not to mention bonuses gained from Spirits.

Given their shared ancestry with the Barbarians, they possess great physical strength. I dont care waht u hear this stradegy is the best melee shapeshifting druid!

Molten BoulderArctic Blast. Oak SageSummon Spirit Wolf. However, they disagreed on exactly how the people could best do this. Lvl 85 Elemental Druid Sign In Don't have an account?

The wep doesnt have to be strong, al u want is the ias from da shaels.

Take her an elemental bow again with gems and. Every tree is amazing: Shield, is Santuary or 2 Pdiamonds in mosers blessed shield. February 4, Would you like to link to this page?

Fury totally owns becuz of the consecutive hits and high damage. They created a new culture and language, cutting themselves off from their Barbarian cousins and their ways, vowing not to return to the Steppes of Mt.

Ok, well alot of people on this site seem to think that melee druids are the way to go. Retrieved from " https: For rings I use a BK band and ravenfrost.

You can use this spell in werewolf form. But don't believe them.

Druid builds | Diablo Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The Druids continued to hone themselves to be the world's drjid line of defense when the time of the great conflict came. They have dwelt there ever since, forging a new way of life for themselves. U'll Pwn in no time and u'll have a pretty good rusher too. This leaves 2x4 slots for picking up loot My mercenary is an Act drjid Nightmare defensive, for the Holy Freeze aura, and he's wearing Giant Skull with resistance jewels, upgraded Duriels Shell and a Bonehew Ogre Axe with 2 perfect skulls for life steal.

GC's grand charms for the noobs once again: Max out boulder, fissure, volcano, and armageddon 5.

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