Drag on opposite of h2o

We'll have things fixed soon. What's It All About. Stream or buy on: Here We Go Branford Marsalis.

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Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Recorded By Onn Theis. Opposite of H2O Lyrics [Verse 1] Yo this nigga Drag-On burn niggas, flame niggas, potch niggas Sautee niggas, skin scorch niggas You could be any complexion, black, caucasian We spit razors in kiloid faces Like ear to ear, eye to eye, lights out Cross the throat, couldn't say you gave her mouth to mouth Better keep your teeth togehther cuz when we put our heat togehther We tie em up with they vest and hit em oh all o they chest We stack ones, trick on bitches, fuckin bitches Leavin bitches, don't have no problem buckin bitches I kill a chick steal from my crib Right in front of her child, with no feel for the kid Gon kill that bitch Not now, but right now, go 'head nigga, do it!

What's it All About. Snipe Out David Starr.

Opposite of H2O

Niggas Die 4 Me. Opposite of H2o David Styles. While DMX remains top dog of the Ruff Ryder family hierarchy, the emergence Eve, the Lox, and in-house producer Swizz Beatz has expedited the label's transformation from a once-emerging force into a hip-hop powerhouse of the late '90s and early '00s.

Drag 's high oppsite persona but juvenile rhyme schemes are most pressing when aligned with his Ruff Ryders cohorts: Romantic Evening Sex All Themes.

Opposite of H2O - Drag-On | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

The Way Life Is. The next wave of the double R movement is Drag-On od, and title of his debut, The Opposite of H2Orefers to his self-acclaimed lyrical zest. Release Date February 15, We'll have things fixed soon.

Overall, Opposite of H2O crashes and burns. Introspection Late Night Partying.

Opposite of H2O - Wikipedia

The Way Life Is. Verified Artists All Artists: Stream or buy on: Ready for War J. Produced by Swizz Beatz. Niggas Die 4 Me. Recording Location Powerhouse Quad. Jazz Latin New Age.

But in a most unenviable catch, Drag 's lyrical deficiencies are also magnified by these groupings, as inept solo tracks "Ladies " and "Groundhog's Day" reveal an emcee who is still very codependent on his crew. All up in her nightgown Feed the crib, Fed description, kid wit no meat on his rib But keep the heat by it, so when y'all creep keep quiet HOOK: Pop It Kasseem Dean.

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Streams Vrag All Posts. What's It All About. Jadakiss You can stand the fuck up if you fire your gun nigga But sit the fuck down you ain't firin one nigga Yeah we set fire in cribs, and fire in whips Y'all niggas use the fire when you cookin your bricks Other niggas use the fire when they lightin they spliff I want my tires on fire when I'm pushin a whip I put my block on fire with the product I sell It's the Opposite of Opposige, hotter than j2o [Verse 2] While y'all niggas pop the Mo', I inhale smoke out the optimo Choke, hydro til it's time to go Cheeba my smoke, I plays ping pong If y'all hooked on phonics, that mean here's ten buy your own chronic We buy cars, 4, dot after it, get gas in it Go fasten it, then crash in it Me and Jadakiss, truck kiddin with the chip Burnin up and make em

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