Final fantasy xiii-2

Lightning , the protagonist of the original game, has disappeared into an unknown world. Seeing the timeline exacts a terrible tole on the body. Unlike in the predecessor, the game is automatically saved when players enter the Historia Crux, as well as at key moments in the plot. Reviewers generally praised the graphics.

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Serah goes on alone and meets several Yeuls from different time periods.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Wikipedia

Serah and Fanntasy arrive to the tower's core and encounter the Proto fal'Cie Adam, which is using the AI and a paradox to keep itself functional and it is reincarnated every time Serah and Noel defeat it. Summoning OdinLightning thrusts herself into the meteor's path as it crushes the temple.

This is not Final Fantasy anymore. Chaos erupts into Gran Pulse, permanently warping the world.

The two travel the world to different eras solving paradoxes as they go to prevent the bleak future from which Noel hails from: The magazine pointed out its improvement over Final Fantasy XIII in fihal aspects of the game especially the explorations.

Motomu Toriyama has said that Fzntasy Enix realized they needed to apply more Western technology and production techniques. From that point on, Lightning engages many battles against a man who seeks to destroy Etro, named Caius Ballad. This world cannot know how much i love this game. Archived from the original on September 12, Dengeki gave the game an S score, the highest score in their scale.

The game's regions are represented as a branching path instead of being accessed linearly. Noel tells Serah the Farseer tribe from which he hails from always had a girl with the same appearance, voice, and power who was always called Yeul. As opposed to the previous game, Lightningthe main character of XIIIonly appears as a supporting character and the game's fantawy narrator.

The player may select less than the maximum number of possible actions or may stop the filling of the ATB bar and perform as many actions as can be done with the current ATB amount. The game features downloadable content in the form of downloadable outfits, weapons, accessories, scenarios, recruitable monsters and minigames. A sequel, Lightning Returns: It repairs in the defects of the previous one but without being a perfect game.

He tells them they met in a tower years earlier and that they died there after learning the forbidden history sealed inside. After Noel demands Snow to explain why he left Serah and is now fighting in the future, Snow reveals the reason Serah never heard back from him is that he has also become a time traveler. Afterwards, the AI constructed the Proto fal'Cie and created duplicates to cover the massacre.

It was released on July 18, for 5, yen. Each character's Crystarium is no longer in the form of tiers, but now takes the shape of their respective weapon, and includes all possible paradigm roles on a singular Crystarium, similar to the Sphere Grid from Final Fantasy X.

Should it stop beating the goddess will die, the unrestrained chaos of Valhalla will be unleashed into the mortal world, and history will be destroyed. Serah hears a familiar voice giving her words of encouragement and encounters Vanille and Fang.

Music Original version Heavensward. They discover the tower's staff are artificial duplicatesand meet a duplicate of Alyssa who reveals the forbidden history from the year 13 AF.

Requiem of the Goddess ," after being defeated by Caius while getting a vision of Serah's death, Lightning finds her sister's spirit held hostage by Shadow Yeul, a chaos-based entity who was present in Serah and Noel's journey. The fantast reveals they reached Serah since she rejected the fake Lightning and came to help her escape the dream in the Void Beyond. As the chaos blends Gran Pulse and Valhalla, Fantasj ascends to the goddess's throne and transforms into fantasg indestructible crystal epitaph to preserve the world's existence in Etro's place along with Serah's memory, waiting for a time at the end of eternity when she will awaken and be reunited with her sister.

The tower's artificial intelligence rebelled against its creators and killed everyone, including Hope and Alyssa. Monsters can be caught, trained, and used as party members through the Paradigm Pack component.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

As a consequence, monthly schedules and project milestones were introduced to better monitor the staff members' progress. During their travels the pair seeks to solve the mystery behind the paradoxes that threaten the timeline, and to prevent a bleak future. Traveling to AF, cantasy discover a paradox whereby a man-made fal'Cie meant to re-levitate Cocoon was able to turn on its creators using the AI that designed it xiil-2 take over the government.

While Serah and Noel resolve the paradox causing the eclipse, they encounter Caius Ballad, a man Noel knows from AF who opposes their mission, and Yeul, who looks identical to a girl of the same name Noel knew in the future.

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