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So, [we commonly use] YaHei for the title font and SimSun for the body font. Early songti scripts were in use as far back as the Song Dynasty A. I feel that, like with many script fonts, it really does need a 14px base font size or above.

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Shangheianother—and much more stylized—Makefont heiti home run:. Chinese video sharing site http: As you may have already surmised, Chinese font names are often prefixed with the name of the foundry.

And he decided that literacy rates were super low because Chinese characters were crazy complicated to write.

My shop has tested these guys out, and for the most part, everything works well. If you have any suggestions or questions about this page or if you have free Chinese fonts that you chunese like to contribute to our website, please feel free to write to us: However, there are still quite a few.

So he rounded up some linguists and they got busy. Because English language fonts do not contain the glyphs for Chinese characters, but Chinese fonts do contain a-z characters. North Carolina 2 USA: Plus, because the end points of the horizontal lines were easily worn away, flourishes were added to make them thicker and longer-lasting. In an old manuscript: Font Name Prefixes As you may have already surmised, Chinese font names are often prefixed with the name of the foundry.

I could get into spacing for years, but suffice to say, the square is chniese basic building block of the written language.

Free Chinese Font Download

All of these fonts are traditional Chinese fonts. The English web-o-verse is sadly lacking in Chinese font options, and because creating a Chinese font face is such a ridiculously huge undertaking, there are far less Chinese fonts than English ones.

Best thing to do is pop over to Google or the Chinese search engine Baidu and have a search for:. Up, Down, Left, Right: Songti font for the featured article title at the bottom of the May cover of Chinese Marie Claire magazine:.

Where Simplified Chinese characters are used: They tried placing spaces between each character and between groups of characters, fpnt concluded: Western language fonts are classified under a few major headings and a pantheon of minor ones. But because of that whole built-on-a-square thing, Chinese works a lot better rendered up-to-down in vertical lines.

Shangheianother—and much more stylized—Makefont heiti home run: Think about what all that history means for font foundries: And so songtithe Chinese serif typified by perfectly fhinese horizontal strokes, wider verticals, and classy but regimented flourishes, was born. A former front-end designer and art director, Kendra now writes about pretty Chinese interfaces and the Beijing tech scene, taking on the occasional UI design project.

Chinese Font Design

They tried placing spaces between each character and between groups of characters, and concluded:. This page offers a useful selection of free Chinese fonts for Windows. All you have to do is to click on the font preview image and start downloading. I just found out about a company called JustFont based out of Taiwan that offers a Typekit-style font hosting for Chinese font-face style fonts.

Though these fonts are not yet available as hosted fonts on English servers desktop version only on Typekit and Google as of Decthe font is hosted on Youziku. The fonts in the folder appear under List of Fonts. In this sense, Chinese font classifications are very similar to our own. So now, Chinese characters cchinese be written two ways.

This should apply even if your site is mostly in Chinese or is targeting a wholly Chinese audience, because English characters will pop up in Chinese language sites as a matter of course — in usernames, for example.

On the other hand, if you declare your English fonts first, Roman characters will be rendered in the first font, and Chinese characters will be displayed using the fall-back Chinese font.

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