Farming simulator 2013 forest mod

More mods by Andrei Valentin Canada Agriculture v1. No added upload links. Where do i put the folders? Do the items show up in the shop? Scania R V8 Lifter.

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Showing 1 - 15 of 33 comments. Will be using this vehicule for the trees planting and for to cut my trees routes to the ground On my burning wood chip factory I dont see any money add to my bank account.

I would love this mod to do forestry work it looks fun. Metsio contianer for vervaet HKL V1.

Forestry :: Farming Simulator General Discussions

Thanks again this mod brings a new thing to do on all my old maps. Last night I have try on my test savegame2 the planter ,, Wow , its a great animation I have to say Press both left and right mouse button and move mouse up or down. You have to log in for writing comments. I am using windows, I downloaded the mod and it shows up in the in game shop, but when I try to purchase one of the forestry items it says "No more space!

John Deere 8R Series. Board index Deutsches Forum: Steve when i say it will not work i mean i will put it in my mod folder and it will not show up in my farm shop.

This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. Thats the one I was talking about mate Wow, what simuulator job it is to pick up those trees and drop them in my logg transport trailers.

Whats wrong with my safegame?

Forest Mod v2.0 Beta

Plant trees, watch them growing and take the chain saw to cut down your trees. Kaweco 4 axis Turbotanker. Done half of the field as a forest. Do you think this mod should be featured? They foreat do that task at fall and winter season while it is c here The map now contains a forest area where you can entertain modes Forest Mod Beta.

Forest Edition V 2. If you enjoy putting wool pallets skmulator a trailer with a front loader then you'll like it. Also Weidemann Wood Claw I love that wood chipper Will read on more and open to information about that task forest work from anyone that experience it with FS Board index Contact us The team Delete all board cookies.

I downloaded MB that would will be convinced that is the next not completed a lot of garbage. I have loads of questions. Farming Simulator ForestEditionv2. Lets your post speak here so I can foredt a over look of your experience with it It said that they had some little BUGs in their files but other then that it was been download since that time.

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