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You can download it here or here. Picture of the UI: Doesn't hurt to try it out and see,.

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You can download it here or here. The FDS is really nice to. Apr 21, Jul 1, Enjoy your new custom UI and see you in game. Press it and your Custom UI will be working again.

That field will be blank there to.

Steam Community :: Age of Conan Tutorial - How to install Custom UI

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Can be found here. Do not argue with an idiot. This will autochange the versionnumber for you: The field under it will be installre so just press the three dots on the side and locate were you have installed your Age of Conan game. Can you tell me how to find the values i need to change?

Gwenda Forum Phalanx Initiate. I tried it, but the only toon I need that many icons on is my Necro. I might have to switch when the expansion comes out because I don't want to spend the hours it would take to update for the new UI items they're adding.

Anything practical we can do?

Age Of Conan Ui Installer - free download suggestions

Making a little guide here on how to install and use a Custom UI. Apr 22, 6: We tried some of the older ones but apparently don't uui any more. Im using Stonerune with Aoc UI installer http: If you get those; use bycrom or similar program. Originally posted by vernSL I actually just found a pretty cool website where you can just customize your own: Shroud of the Avatar.


I had to add those buttons in myself on my current UI. We will install the FDS one but Stonerune is another great custom ui.

Been testing it tonight and my final thoughts 'its probably the best custom interface out there' and I have tried many Overview Page: But he finds the style the UI is in with the colors they use for text, hard to read, on top of a UI that from what we can tell does not scale up to meet the higher res, and has no option to make it bigger.

Just follow the path mention above again. It looks like you're new here.

Conan is now a free2play mmobut with a premium feature that benefits you huge for paying monthly. Apr 22, Hope this little wall of text guide helps. May 3, Link to the official forum thread:

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