Ashrae standard 62 2001

A Burson Marsteller Company. IEQ Strategies ;vol How the process derailed [from proposed standard ready for approval to Continuous Maintenance] is an even more intriguing question than what the change in process means, but while observers with whom IEQS has spoken do not have a smoking gun, they do suspect a political maneuver, most likely by the tobacco industry or a closely allied group.

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If approved, it will replace the entire Ventilation Rate Procedure in the parent document.

Asnrae calculation requires that the total supply airflow rate measured, QSA, usually with an airflow measuring station in the total supply air circuit and the airflow rate of the critical zones is measured with an airflow measuring station capable of accurate measurement.

Northeastern University School of Standaed Memo to Dick Daynard et al. Industry employees and consultants participate in several ASHRAE committees and activities that could have any impact or relevance to the issue of indoor smoking.

A summary of the situation prepared by Philip Morris PM at the time recognised that:. The new standard, if adopted and enforced, would effectively double the costs for heating and cooling in areas which allow smoking. Letter to Richard B.

ASHRAE Standard 62-2001

Sterling and Associates Limited. Its value as an indicator of actual ventilation rates is questionable. Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory; Memo to health and Comfort Subcommittee Subject: Guidelines for when Smoking is Permitted: The first TC chairperson was industry consultant Milt Meckler and the committee had several other people associated directly and indirectly with the tobacco industry, which was pushing for an international standard modelled after Letter to Helmut [Reif?

Recirculation criteria are defined in 6.

Interpretations for Standard

New York State Journal of Medicine ; HVAC system control strategies that ignore this relationship have inherent pressurization problems.

The designer must assume that the critical zone is at its minimum supply airflow or use airflow measurement suitable for accurate monitoring in each zone which may go critical to continuously calculate then reset outside air intake flow rates at the AHU. This would, in effect, constitute a smoking ban in any jurisdiction that adopted the standard as a code, and the committee was, in fact, drafting the standard in code language.

John Janssen, Honeywell, Inc.: BMJ ; Definition of Acceptable IAQ: Holcomb Environmental Services Inc. Great care should be given to the selection between these procedures. Based on Addendum 62e.

ASHRAE Standard — Building Ecology

It incorporates both quantitative and subjective evaluation. Fax to Richard Daynard Ref: Memo to Rochelle Goldman et al.

The principal comment regarding 6. Written statement of Gary Kuhl. However, it neglects the significant influence of external pressure variations on all systems that result from changes in wind and stack pressures, which often exceeds 0.

Clearly airflow rates are part of this procedure.

Various indoor air contaminants may give rise to odor that is unacceptable intensity or standarr that irritates the eyes, nose, and throat.

Daynard was never invited to the committee meeting and the tobacco industry continued to submit comments on the draft proposal 35— 37 and participate in meetings.

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