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Text does not display or text is grayed out. Alternatively, the user can open the command prompt window and install the Appeon ActiveX with the command line, for example, C: Security settings in AEM do not take effect. Failed to create new data sources. And once downloaded and installed on the client side, they can be found as DLL files for example, weblibrary

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If for any reason Appeon ActiveX controls need to be removed from the client, you can follow instructions in this article in the Appeon support portal: Appeon Performance Analyzer continually popping up. Prompts the appoen message. Web applications do not load in Internet Explorer.

Fail to ping appeondb connection cache. Appeon Web application cannot be correctly started and you are prompted with the wppeon message that "Failed to initialize Appeon Weblibrary Component".

Web application deployment to remote servers does not work. Failure in adding an application to [Server Name]". Cannot find the language resource file dblgzh Demo Web applications do not load in Internet Explorer.

Corrupt Chinese characters are displayed in a DataWindow. Error — File or directory not found. Loading application is slow when Appeon Cluster works in virtual machines.

JBoss console reports "…Stopped deployment appeonserver. Unable to upload INI file". More command-line options are provided below. See the following table for details.

Failed to initialize Appeon Weblibrary Component - - Appeon Troubleshooting Guide

Appeon for PowerBuilder contains two client-side ActiveX plug-ins. Manually download or copy the zip package of ActiveX control from IE to the client, decompress the zip package, right click the Update. Installing Appeon ActiveX control. Silently executes the installation or uninstallation. If the application starts from the application. SelectBlob and UpdateBlob have different results for non-binary fields.

The Appeon Xcelerator plug-in is contained in the Appeon multi-browser plug-in when downloaded and installed to Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Opera. For example, to install the Appeon ActiveX control in the silent mode: IE 7 reports "Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site. Nested reports over five pages do not display.

OracleClient requires Oracle client software version 8. Error Message Numbers and Descriptions. Demo Web wppeon fails to call EJB component. Error or For example, to install the Appeon ActiveX control in the silent mode:. ASE Chained mode issue.

Non-English characters do not display correctly. You should execute these command lines in the command prompt window.

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