Dil diya dehleez drama

Soon after her arrival at her uncle's, Bari finds out about her and requests her return. Views Read Edit View history. It is suggested that Maheen has accepted this offer to unearth information about her sister. Tonite with HSY —Present. Pakistani drama television series Pakistani television series Hum TV series Pakistani television series debuts Pakistani television series endings Urdu-language television programs.

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Bari is a very strong and calm character who respects everyone in the Haveli. This article is about the Hum TV drama serial.

Dil, Diya, Dehleez - Wikipedia

The story is narrated by a prisoner housed in the back of the haveli, a principal character in this part of the story. Her brief visit to the ancestral haveli where Roshi lives with her entire extended family, including much-too-brief meetings with Roshni and her brother, obvious lack of any reference to her deceased sister, and Roshi's unhappiness at being sent away soon after Maheen's arrival, leave her mystified.

Instead of silently suffering her fate, Jhoomer is shown to be feisty and puts up a fight against her oppressors. Where Yawar knew everything and didn't repent. The initial episodes deal with the story of a young feudal heiress, Roshanay Hiba Aliand her budding love for one of her father's employees, Abdul Bari Dfama Shah. Her name is Zaitoon Bano Javeria Abbasi.

Dil Diya Dehleez

Soon after her arrival at her uncle's, Bari finds out about her and requests her return. Bari is chosen to stay guard there, and dehlerz is during his stay that Jhoomer gets attracted to him.

Views Read Edit View history. A suicide attempt following her frustration at her 'distant relationship' with her father Farhan Ali Agha and brother, and the absence of any memories of her mother Sara Chaudhry who she is told is long deceasedcompels her grandfather to arrange for her marriage at the earliest, with a fellow feudal heir.

His apparent indifference vehleez her love for him results in a characteristic outburst that is seen by her uncle Taimoor.

Dil, Diya, Dehleez

Dehlrez was published by Khawateen Digestan Urdu monthly journal. Unable to delay her marriage, Roshi runs away from the haveli on the eve of the wedding.

Tonite with HSY —Present. This page was last edited on 12 Septemberat Her uncle, Taimoor Moammar Ranaagrees to fehleez and let her stay without informing any of the family until the matter is resolved. Roshanay is devastated and makes every possible attempt to curb these developments, even requesting her father to delay the impending engagement ceremony.

Roshi's deceased mother's youngest sister, Maheen Angeline Malikenters the scene. Besides romantic encounters between the two that suggest a budding affection, no direct evidence is given.

Roshi, on the other hand, is initially very friendly towards Jhoomer and treats her as a sister-in-law, though her affection is tempered once she notices Jhoomer's obvious infatuation with Bari. After much thought and a phone conversation with Draam, Taimoor realizes that Roshi loves Bari and is, therefore, reluctant to marry Naim the groom chosen by her grandfather.

The bulk of the series is devoted to revealing details of Nazneen's life after her wedding with Yawar Farhan Ali AghaRoshni's father. Not surprisingly, most of the members of Roshi's family are in the dark ddhleez her love for Bari.

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It was directed by Yasir Nawaz. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Shamim 28 December Ishq Tamasha 25 February The story is set against the backdrop of the feudal system and looks at its resultant class distinctions, besides the unraveling of a seemingly perfect marriage due to the connivance of Zaitoon Bano Javeria Abbasi.

For the novel, see Dil, Dehelez, Dehleez.

With her wildly curly hair and funky shalwaar kameezes, Maheen is just the youthful presence Roshi needs. Jago Pakistan Jago since Wonderful Indonesia since There were a few changes from Novel because xehleez Television requirements.

It is to him that she begs for help to cancel her wedding. He is shown to be completely indifferent drsma somewhat disdainful of her.

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