Fluke linkware 6.2

Integrity Networks Alaska Branch. Say you have a team of installers who are testing and certifying cable plants at multiple sites. Index of Refraction not showing for DTX results with merged fiber tests — fixed.

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Report that provides a one-line summary of each cabling link tested. Category 8 Cable Testing. Flexible Import Wizard When importing records, the LinkWare Import Wizard can automatically build or add to a project structure and place the records at the correct levels in the structure.

Reassigned fiber test methods as follows: No other fiber test solution documents the fiber infrastructure so completely and easily. Add your company logo for a professional look, then print the test results on paper or email your report in Adobe Portable Document Format PDF. Crash recovery - LinkWare PC. It displays a summary of all Autotest reports stored in the cable tester. Your tester uses this information to generate an entire sequence of IDs as you test, ensuring no IDs in the sequence are skipped during the testing.

Copper Cable Testers and Tone Generators. LinkWare Cable Test Management Software gives you the ability to manage test results data from multiple testers with one single software application.

Release notes for LinkWare Version 6. LinkWare allows the downloading of results from these devices: Category 8 Cable Testing. Application or Standards Articles Copper. Whether it's having to struggle with awkward, limited keypad interfaces, or the very simple setup of starting and ending IDs, you have had to rely on your tester to generate the full set. Insert the card in the tester and the cable ID lists linkwqre be available for selection.

Data integrity should not be affected in any way, so you are able to securely combine and store test results into existing or new databases you can subsequently interact with in a transparent manner. Opening existing CableManager fcm files.

Up until now, creating cable IDs in testers has been a time-consuming manual process.

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Integrity Networks Alaska Branch. Fiber Inspection and Cleaning.

Integrity Networks Alaska Branch. Creating Projects Keep track of test results data by creating projects per site.

Release notes for LinkWare Version 6.2

A 'freeware' version may be downloaded. Tabs organize results for each cabling link — just click the tab to look at the details.

UI updated to Windows XP look. Test summary list incorrect for Loss tests with failing length — fixed. Able to drag one Site inside of another on tree view pane — fixed.

Punch Down Tools and Termination Tools. Sorting your reports LinkWare's advanced sort features allow you to find the information you need, quickly and easily. Release notes for LinkWare Version 6.

LinkWare (free version) download for PC

LinkWare cable certification software makes it easy to use a variety of testers on one job and it makes you look good in the process. Specifications Specifications Minimum System Requirements are: Importing Data A simple click on the toolbar and fluuke can import data from many Fluke Networks cabling testers to your PC automatically. LinkWare lets you process this information simply:

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