From me to you beatles

This became the challenge for these guys and they continued that format until they decided to make an Album with depth and understanding which started a whole new approach in records. When Del Shannon released a cover version of "From Me to You" on Bigtop Records in June, Vee-Jay tried to stimulate more interest in the original, both by placing magazine ads and by sending out additional promotional copies of the 45 stamped with the words "The Original Hit". It had me thinking when I picked up the NME to see how we were doing in the charts.

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Recording: From Me To You, Thank You Girl, One After 909

But we'll probably write the same old rubbish! Hah- little did I know….

Retrieved 17 June Retrieved 30 September Johan cavalli Wednesday 10 June I swear I did! It went to a surprising place. All We Are Saying: The Helen Shapiro tour took in 14 shows, mostly in theatres, and lasted from 2 February to 3 March And then the Beatles version came blasting out of my little Astor Mickey valve radio this was Perth, Beales Australia, lateI think and I was totally knocked out by their sound.

From Me To You – The Beatles Bible

The Beatles Bible uses cookies to bring you a better browsing experience. We crowded around a piano and Paul played, while the fom of them sang their latest composition. The Beatles singles discography. Also, From Me To You is a good example of how much better the mono mixes are.

The Beatles Are Coming! The thing I liked about "From Me to You" was it had a very complete middle. Lennon and McCartney collaboration in terms ffom writing and vocally.

Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. This was our real start.

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In his interview with PlayboyLennon recalled writing the song:. You'll sound like a bunch of fucking fairies! John and Paul were sitting at the back of the coach and Kenny Lynch, who at this time fancied himself as a songwriter, sauntered up to the back of the coach and Kenny Lynch The song was the Beatles' first number 1 hit on what became the official UK singles chart but the second, after " Please Please Me ", on most of the other singles charts published in Britain.

The A-bit is composed by Lennon and the middle part is by McCartney. Runaway with Del Shannon Yok On!

The intro to the stereo version recorded on two tracks lacks beattles harmonica inserted into the mono mix. From Me To You was recorded in seven takes, followed by six short edit pieces, of the harmonica, guitar solo and introduction, to be cut into the best take at a later stage.

There was a little trick we developed early on and got bored with later, which was to beatlea I, Me or You in it, so it was very direct and personal: The final edit of From Me To You began with the take 12 introduction, followed by take eight's first fron verses. After a period of about half an hour had elapsed and nothing seemed to be coming from the back, Kenny rushed to the front of the coach and shouted, ftom, that's it.

It was later released on the double CD and the single CD compilation 1. Before that interview, Lennon had stated, "We nearly didn't record it because we thought it was too bluesy at first, but when we'd finished it and George Martin had scored it with harmonica, it was alright. The final version was a combination of takes six and I think the initial interval resembles the beginning of Tomorrow Never Knows.

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