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Why should I listen to podcasts and YouTube videos instead of audiobooks or movies? Oh your parents laugh and make a party with your first word. I might quit the VIP program sooner than expected because I've imprvoved my english significantly for the first month.

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I am Khun Aung Naing Oo. I Hope, I succeed within the next 6 month Good Job done by AJ! Thank you Very much for your such a precious Effort. I am hoping that after 6 mos I will become like you.

Download English Audio Course – Learn English Online with Free Spoken English Lessons (MP3s)

By listening English everyday,the English automatically come out of my mind. Let me know in-case you require any such help from my side.

I just have to say "God bless you" for everything you're doing for all us, the english language's learners. Anonymous October 20, at Arun Kumar October 5, speedh 9: Want to improve your spoken English? I wish all best for the rest of lifeof him.

MP3 Free Download ( ) | Effortless English Page

Thanks a lot AJ. This comment has been removed by the author. I want to download all pf them but it's not easy: I'm also one of your new students. I believe listening to these two mediums is the best way to improve your English listening skills because: Anonymous January 31, at 5: Without school, without teachers, without books, without grammar.

While we are talking about gaining a better ear for language, I also want to invite you to read an article on listening skillsor how to listen to others who need to vent and be heard. Click here to go to the official Effortless English website!

This is a audjo for movie lovers. Evka Bartosova September 23, at 8: This Website was built to support this Spanish language project. Anonymous December 7, at 8: I really can't believe it.

A k recently I have started to learn english speaking and after read all reviews I hop your training programmes can help me twords my best English speacking skill, thankyou.

Anonymous October 13, at I was definitly unable to conversation with anybody in English. As we become aware of either contributions that are not copyrighted or those we obtain permission to include, we auduo do so, taking the liberty of making needed corrections or changes.

Basically, things that are my interests. This page introduces you to some English-language podcasts. Anonymous October 11, at 9: This is a public service of the University of California. Anonymous August 8, at Anonymous September 20, at

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