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Email required Address never made public. Retrieved 13 Feb What's the best CVS client for Windows?

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We're currently using WinCVS but it's slow and has no merge dialog.

In March the project released version 2. TortoiseCVS releases come in two flavours: I'll have a look at that - though, not being a Java developer, I doubt that I'll switch Run the cvss executable to install. The question is not for Win7 necessary. March Hare Software Ltd. It need CVS repository location and authentication information.

Beyond Compare from Scooter Software is a commercial advanced file and folder comparison utility which also allows visual comparison of binaries in hex view and images via plugins. Dude, those answer are from 2 years ago Site Design by Syed Asif. Then again, there hasn't really been any active development on WinCvs for quuuuiiiite some time By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Please discuss this issue on the article's talk page. Posted in cvsputtywincvs.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You must restart the computer to start using WinCvs. Like most software even software that you pay forTortoiseCVS comes with no warranty.

Older versions can still be downloaded for free from various repositories, [22] [23] or, [24] including source code.

CVS Client For Windows (WinCVS and Putty) | GNU Tech

WinCvs for me does all I want and more, but then I'm probably considered a power user and a heavily biased one at that as I used to be a cvsgui mailing list moderator and FAQ author and also wrote many of the stock macros. If not, go back clirnt correct any incorrect settings.

Supports text, binary and Unicode file types. PuTTY initially displays a dialogue that allows you to specify the parameters for the connection. Saying that, the developers use it every day with valuable data, and have had no problems which might cause loss of data.

The first release was 4 August So, I'd be interested to hear what particular operations you think are slow in WinCvs. Various filters to monitor any folder or all its subfolders in a flat view.


Just installed the latest version and I am unable to cient it to function on Win 7. Use the lead layout guide to ensure the section follows Wikipedia's norms and to be inclusive of all essential details.

The first time, it will ask you the basic configuration preferences that it needs. I've had both Tortoise and WinCvs installed for years but usually clieng that I do not use Tortoise except when I feel guilty about not getting what all the fuss is about Retrieved from " https: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. To find out more, including cliennt to control cookies, see here: Very interesting subjectthankyou for putting up.

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