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The field browser is a tool for advanced users who must change the BI Publisher commands that are hidden in the form fields. Change the column names as given below and then keep the formatting as Bold. To sort the grouped data, select the Sorting tab. You have the following options to describe how the Template Builder should render the group:.

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Save the file as Manager Financials Report. If you do not want the grouping data field displayed, then select No. However, because the schema contains no data, the preview of the report also contains no data.

Creating RTF Templates Using the Template Builder for Word

Use this feature to customize the default color for your templates. Locate the appropriate file and click Open. Refer to the TrainingGuide. You must load data to use most of the Template Builder functionality. See System Requirements and Certification for the most up-to-date information on supported hardware and software. This section describes additional tools provided with the Template Builder to help you validate and edit the template.

If you select some part of the text before opening the Field Browser, then the dialog shows only the fields in the selection. It will also insert processing instructions into your document that will repeat a section, such as a table row when the associated XML element is repeated.

This menu item allows you to create a standard XLIFF translation file that contains the boilerplate text from the template. Online You can log in to BI Publisher from here.

Creating Oracle BI Publisher Report using Template Builder - Perficient Blogs

If an ni is found, then an error message is displayed. When you select the For Each data field you are telling BI Publisher that for each occurrence of the selected field in the data you want the elements and processing instructions contained within the loop to be repeated.

If you are not connected to BI Publisher, then use the procedure in Section 5. Customizing the Table Using Microsoft Word Functionality Customize the table by changing fonts, colors, column publieher, borders, shading, and so on, using Microsoft Word formatting commands. The field browser is a tool for advanced users who must change the BI Publisher commands that are hidden in the form fields. The Field Browser utility provides a fast way to review and update the BI Publisher instructions hidden in ni Microsoft Word form fields.

In the Insert group, click Chart. You can choose to enter descriptive text to enable you to understand each field better when reading the template, or you can enter abbreviated text entries that are less intrusive to the look and feel of the templste.

Creating Oracle BI Publisher Report using Template Builder

Select the region that you want to apply the condition to. You have the following options to describe how the Template Publishdr should show the field: You can select up to four sort-by fields.

For example, if you are charting Sales by Year, then selecting Group Data accumulates the values for Year, so that publjsher one occurrence of each year is displayed in the chart.

It shows the commands behind each form field and allows you to edit them. Then upload templaet file to the BI Publisher report definition. This invokes a warning message that localizing the template overwrites the template.

In the Options group, click Options. The Code region displays the code and processing instructions that the Template Builder has inserted for the field.

If you want to translate the template manually, open the. This is also the layout femplate that is displayed when a user runs this report.

Preview this template in PDF format. In this topic, you will review Template Builder UI components. Figure shows the Field Browser dialog.

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